UPP - #REDforExecutiveWomen invited to the round table on social networks

December 12, 2018 #REDforExecutiveWomen is invited by the UPP - the Union of Professional Photographers and Authors at the House of Photographers to participate in the round table whose theme is

"How to communicate as a photographer, to develop visibility and find customers on social networks?".

The part of #REDforExecutiveWomen that will be presented during this roundtable is the use of social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter, to communicate about the project. Will be highlighted the action "1 day 1 portrait" which allowed the public to discover every day 100 portraits and 1,182,000 views in less than 5 months.


Interview with Véronique BILLY after her portrait for RED for Executive Women

January 4, 2018 Véronique BILLY, president of the Civil Protection in the department of La Manche poses for the project #REDforExecutiveWomen. Although she is based in the department of La Manche, her portrait was made in Île-de-France, in the city of Asnières at the headquarters of the Federation of Civil Protection. Véronique BILLY is one of the rare women who posed outdoors. This choice makes sense in relation to the field missions of the Civil Protection it directs in la Manche.

After the photo shoot, the journalist Violaine CHERRIER, met while working for the TEDx Women Champs-Elysées 2017, made a video interview with Véronique BILLY. This video interview ushered in the launch of the youtube channel "The Rendez-Vous of Equality (Les Rendez-vous de l’Égalité)".

Video interview with Véronique BILLY

UNICEF - Launch Conference of the White Paper "Women, Health and Climate"

©Gaël Dupret, France, Paris le
08-11-2017 : Launch Conference of the White Paper "Women, Health and Climate".

8 November 2017 Marlène SCHIAPPA (Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between Women and Men) with UNICEF U-Reporter Youth (Laura BELLOIS, Lee Ann Michel and Célia CHENIN) and Louisa RENOUX and Isabelle BLIN (President of Supplementd'Elles).

Prior to the delivery of this white paper, two round tables were organized:

"Solution in France and abroad" with Jennifer MERCHANT, Catherine VIDAL and Françoise MORVAN as guests.

"Education: Solutions proposed by the younger generations in France and abroad" with U-Reporter Célia CHENIN, Lee Ann MICHEL and Laura BELLOIS as well as Lea CAMILLERI, Yacine AIT KACI and Floriane VOISIN as guests and led by Eskandar BENAÏCHA.

and the journalist Cyrielle HARIEL presented the iflm of her trip to Africa "Encounter with peasants in the heart of the hills".

RED for Executive Women was present for the photos for UNICEF and Supplementd'Elles.


All the photos of the report on Gaeldupret.com

UNIKWEB, first sponsor of the project

Monday, October 23, David Victor founder of UNIKWEB becomes the first sponsor of the project RED for Executive Women!

Indeed, after reading the specifications transmitted in the morning, David confirmed his commitment to the realization of the site redforexecutivewomen.com under wordpress. The constraint that I impose on him: delivery of the site for November 10. This is the closing date to enter the HSBC Prize Photo Contest. He has 3 weeks and 2 weekends.

Relationship with UNIKWEB

October 19, 2017, I am looking for a web agency for the realization of my website. I'm calling for help in the 612 * network.

Philippe Gastaud, founder of the e-strategic company puts me in contact with David Victor, the founder of the web agency UNIKWEB.

With David we exchange via the chat system he has set up on his site. Then I send him the main guidelines of the site I want for the project. I must prepare the final specifications for Monday, October 23.

* The 612 network is a network of entrepreneurs and leaders. We met during the realization of the white book "612 meetings on the social networks" by Alban Jarry, in which we testified of our expertise.

Viviane de Beaufort

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, I meet Viviane de Beaufort, one of ESSEC's emblematic figures, at the CNIT de la Défense.

I know Viviane since our meeting for the first edition of Femmes en Vue. She has been a professor at ESSEC for 30 years and she is fully committed to young startups. Viviane fully supports my project and offers me to help me in the realization of the project, including putting me in touch with great personalities. She is a first class support for the project.

25 appointments taken in 4 days

Friday, October 13, end of the first week of life of the project ... I have already 25 taken appointments for the realization of portraits and 3 already made.

It is :

  • Cyrielle Hariel - Journalist,
  • Valerie Tandeau de Marsac - President of VoxFemina,
  • Karine Lazimi Chouraqui - LCK Insurance.

Marlene Schiappa and Miren Bengoa like my tweet launch

October 13, my project launch tweet hits! And I am very honored that Marlène Schiappa, our Minister in charge of Equality between women and men and Miren Bengoa, President of UN Women France, have seen and liked this tweet ...

More than 12000 views in 48 hours

October 12, 2017, I also realize the first Tweet that will be seen + 12000 times in just 48 hours! This is the first time that one of my tweet reaches such a big scoring and especially in such a short time ...

The same evening, I reserve the domain name redforexecutivewomen.com at OVH and I protect the name at the INPI

Cyrielle Hariel, the first woman for RED

October 11, 2017, I realize the first portrait of the long series, it is about Cyrielle HARIEL, journalist. The portrait will be made on the temporary studio set up for the shooting of USHUAÏA mag. I wait while watching the various shots, the various recordings that will be broadcast throughout the season.

Clap final of the day. With Cyrielle we define the shooting location, the photo must be done quickly, because she has to leave for another show.