The first appointments taken from the 2nd day

October 10, 2017, I receive very positive feedback to my email proposals to ask for the project. It's a real craze that is taking place! I start taking the first appointments.

Project launch

Monday, October 9, 2017, after 3 days of reflection for the drafting of the project, the communication strategy, the preparation of the visuals, the realization of the presentation file and the first draft of the logo, I put on line on my site the first page which talk about RED for Executive Women and I take advantage of my newsletter to talk about the project.

I am also starting to get in touch with the women I want to ask for the project by sending them the presentation file by e-mail.

HSBC Photo Contest Registration

 October 5, 2017, I register for the contest for the HSBC Photo Award 2018. I want to submit my photos to this prestigious award because it is the first and last time I can do it. Indeed one of the criteria to participate is to have never published a monograph and I intend to publish one in 2018.

The RED for Executive Women project is my newest project and corresponds to the work that can be presented at this Award. While this project is not yet finalized, but it is close to my heart. So without any hesitation it's him I chose to present!

If I win this contest, it will allow this project, and especially its message, to gain visibility and important dissemination.