Gaël Dupret

 At 5 ½ years, at the wedding of my godfather, I make my first film 12 poses color with my instamatic 50. That day I become aware of the strength of a photo and I announce to my parents want to become a photographer reporter of war. At 8 years old I dream of working for AFP because it is the first world news agency.

From my first photo, the Human is the source of all my photographic work. For me the photo is a militant act that allows to change the consciousness, move the lines. As a teenager, I followed unions on Paris demonstrations. At 12, I became interested in the homeless and in 2014 I was doing my first exhibition on them.

For a long time I wanted to live press photography. In 2007 I realized that I had to diversify. I always broadcast in news agency and that represents 20% of my activity by taste of the press. But today 80% of my business is corporate photography. An environment in which I blossom.

In 2017, I started the competitions and exhibitions to give a different dynamic to my work and to reach a larger audience on committed topics. This is how I launched the RED for Executive Women project, a work on gender equality, to combat the glass ceiling.

A project that I want to travel to bring the message beyond our country and open the consciousness.