Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her, passionate women’s advocate, International Speaker and mother of two fantastic bilingual teenagers. Ever since I was 17 I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I just spent 22 years working in leadership and management development, change management and global business development beforehand, to develop my arsenal of skills and competencies before taking the plunge in 2013 ! When I discovered that the Funding Gap between men and women who raise money to grow their business was estimated to be $300 Billion, I was appalled and decided to do something about it. So I set up Global Invest Her to create a safe space for female founders to learn about funding and get investor-ready through a global community with high quality resources, focused on bringing about a change in the Funding Game. I am convinced that women entrepreneurs are the greatest untapped resource in the world. When we finally take our rightful place in the economic world and can raise sufficient funds to develop our companies to solve real world problems, we will re-ignite the global economy.

Who’s my personal heroine ? Joan of Arc ! She was the first woman leader I discovered in a book as an 8 year old girl, who inspired me to become a woman leader and help other women leaders worldwide become more visible.

As a woman, I’ve experienced so many challenges directly related to my gender: sexual harassment from a boss, a 30% pay gap between what I was earning and what my male colleague whom I was training to replace me earned, unlawful dismissal after the birth of my first child, jealousy from female colleagues who bad-mouthed me to my superiors to stunt my progression, career-stalling jealousy from male colleagues who felt intimidated by my work and visibility… After the first 10 years of my career, I realised that all this discrimination was because of my gender and that’s when my true feminist side awoke. I started by going to women’s leadership conferences and networking events worldwide (all paid for personally) in parallel to my career until I first set up a women entrepreneurs network in Paris and then Global Invest Her. My aha moment came when I turned 40 and decided to finally dedicate myself fully to my passion of women entrepreneurship and leadership. There was no more time to lose. Perseverance, hard work, personal development, learning new competencies and a hunger to learn and change things propelled me to overcome those challenges in my earlier career. I don’t want my daughter to have to go through them in her career. Things must change now.

Read more above! Women can be both mothers and successful women leaders or entrepreneurs. I and many of the women I interviewed for my Trailblazing Women Series in the Huffington Post are proof of that. Several studies have proven that more financial value is created when there is gender diversity in companies and startups, so what are we waiting for to end the gender pay gap, career progression gap and funding gap once and for all? I will not wait the 217 years it will take to get to gender parity in all areas, announced by the World Economic Forum (Davos). I work today and every day to create a better, more equal world of opportunity for my children. I am also an International Speaker on the topics of Access to Finance, Women in Leadership, Women in Tech to help break the biases against women and inspire change for a more equal world between men and women – where our differences are celebrated, not used against each other.