I am Chiara Condi the founder of Led By HER. I have lived in Milan, New York, London before moving to Paris five years ago.

I have been working towards creating a world, where the organization I founded, Led By HER would no longer need to exist because equality would be a reality and not a struggle. Discrimination and gender violence would not exist, and diversity in business and entrepreneurship would be a reality. Through my activities and actions over the last ten years, I have actively contributed to the creation of this world. I began my career working on the impact of gender in investment projects at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where I learned about the importance of taking action towards achieving equality. After two years at the Bank, I wished to be closer to the ground to better understand problems and create more innovative solutions to solve them. That was when I launched Led By HER (www.ledbyher.org) in Paris, France to work on innovation, women’s rights and entrepreneurship. My experience taught me that to change things I had to attack the problem holistically by fighting for the place of women in society because in order for things to truly improve for women everything had to change, our entire society has to evolve and the way it looks at women.

Led By HER is a non-profit organization based in France to promote innovation on women’s rights and access to entrepreneurship. Led By HER offers an entrepreneurship program built with two business schools (IESEG and ESCP), with individual mentoring, and events (including hackathons) to allow women who have suffered from violence to rebuild their lives around entrepreneurship. The organization has a community of more than 250 volunteers and collaborates with several large companies. Led By HER is extending its impact by working on a platform that will allow companies and individuals to contribute their time to women entrepreneurs. The organization is very active in awareness raising activities ao create a more inclusive world for women’s rights and access to entrepreneurship.

As I think more about the next steps for Led By HER, I would like work on changing the way the world looks at gender diversity by raising awareness that women have the largest economic potential to positively impact this planet. Entrepreneurship can be a great means for bringing about this change because helping more women realize their potential and dreams through entrepreneurship will inspire other women to come forth to change the world and create exponential change. This new diversity of voices and ideas that went unheard before will contribute new solutions that our planet has not seen. This is why I am passionately devoted to ensuring that as many women as possible have the opportunity to transform their ambitions into reality.