I wear many hats at the same time; I am a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a PhD … and an entrepreneur. Also, I am devoted to learning and passing on knowledge; it drives all my choices. I hold a PhD in physics and chemistry applied to nanotechnologies from CEA. What I liked the most from my experience as a researcher is the dynamism characterizing this area. Indeed, I have been continuously challenged on my knowledge and by my peers to validate my hypotheses and results before publication. To push forward my convictions and to invite people to join me, I co-founded PhDTalent, which mission is to connect the private and the academic sectors. Our aim is to encourage access to the best talents and technologies in order to foster a societal transformation that meets our expectations on every level: Health, Security, Energy, Digital…

In January 2018, PhDTalent celebrated its one-year anniversary and fulfilled its promises. 5,000 researchers and 200 companies have joined our vision and are committed to our mission. This first year was just the beginning of a new adventure. We laid the foundations of our model, proved our concept and started our takeoff. A story a little in my image, as I analyze, understand, share and then I go to action.


In my professional experiences a situation on the edge of caricature caught my attention. It was in England, a kick off as part of a project that would last three years. When I entered the room, only men were around the table … I confess that at that moment I had a knot in the stomach and asked myself a question: “am I up to it, or worse, credible? “. In the end, the experience beat my apriorism and fears; I was mastering my topic and my recommendations were appreciated for their relevance and rigor. I was more and more confident in these situations surrounded by men, until I even stopped noticing it. Then after a few months, by dint of pointing it out, other women joined the team. Recently, a friend noticed that I was the only woman on a picture taken at a business dinner. I said to myself: “it’s true, today I’m the only one, tomorrow others will join me”. In the end, I settled in this virile environment thanks to the confidence I have on my professional skills and human qualities.


I do not give in to any male diktat, I fully assume my feminine side. Then, whenever I can I do my best to support women who express a need in this direction. My last action during summer was to set up, as part of the Start-Up Contest organized by PhDTalent, a special prize for women entrepreneurs, opening to the winner the doors of the “Generation Startuppeuse” Club.