Having always been heavily interested in science, I decided in 2014, given my background in engineering, to get involved in a strategic resource which is at the heart of multiple key considerations: economic, environmental, social and scientific. Namely, the oil and gas industry. Hundreds of years of expertise and massive investment have gone into overcoming evermore difficult technological challenges to which I could not wait to make my own contribution.

Louis Pasteur said in 1854 « chance only favours the prepared ». At the time of my graduation ceremony, the industry was in the midst of the worst crisis in its history, prompted by two major factors: a barrel price which was now at a quarter of its former value and the pressure of the ‘energy transition’. As a result of this, the oil and gas industry had taken a huge blow, seeing repeated job losses and voluntary redundancies. This left me with no employment perspectives. Not the ideal situation in which to hit the ground running at the start of your career!

Having not been prepared to anticipate a economic crisis during my studies up to that point, I wished to better prepare myself for it by choosing to pick a rather business-oriented curriculum this time, through my MBA at the IAE, Paris Sorbonne. In parallel to this, I put my previous technical and business knowledge gained during a year within the biggest geophysical company in the world, la Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG), into practice.

Facing such a crisis, the majority of industry actors have temporary frozen or slowed down business operations as they wait in anticipation for the recovery of the market. Others, a small few, have dared to turn their attention away from existing business models to focus on the creation of radically different solutions. I am one of these “good rebels” of innovation, determined spirits who refuse to bow to the status quo.

SpotLight was born from this turmoil and managed to emerge thanks to the goodwill and cooperation of innovative spirits, supported by some of the biggest experts in the field. It could thus be said that the fact that Habib Al Khatib and I threw ourselves into the Spotlight adventure, an orthogonal concept to the last 80 years of work in the field, was a combination of chance and preparation.

A year later, I have effectively created my own job and the start-up SpotLight is realising its potential with 3 commercial contracts already. Looking back, I see my journey as a succession of opportunities powered by diverse encounters and above all supported by a strong set of values. Daring to ask the questions “Why do we do things like that? What is the meaning of it?”. In innovation, my youth is a clear advantage, it translates itself into one sentence: “I did not know that it was impossible”. It is about the freedom to try, guided by our intuition. A sort of 6th sense, which deserves all of our attention.

I want to see more “good rebels”, freed from the fear of being wrong and feeling out of place. Being a woman has no influence on my ability to innovate and should not limit my freedom to be entrepreneurial. Human nature has always been focused on moving forward. By removing the notion of gender, we are starting to see what Man is indeed capable of, if he uses 100% of his human capacity.