For 15 years, I’ve worked as a journalist on TV and radio both in France and abroad. I’ve hosted many prestigious prime-time shows. In 2010, I began a fantastic adventure by creating the NGO of Information “Le Projet Imagine – The Humble Heros”. My goal: inspire in order to take action!

My adoptive parents in the northern part of France were my first source of inspiration – they saved me and other 20 « unadoptable » children from around the world. I’m talking about it in my testimonial biography, “La Petite Fille à la Balançoire” (The Little Girl on the Swing) (publ. Les Arènes 2013, republished. by « J’ai Lu » in 2015).

As a woman, it’s such a challenge to create an NGO, to manage it, to convince donors, philanthropists to support you! It’s even worse, harder to be taken seriously in the world of audiovisual production, mostly dominated by men. By creating an NGO of Information, I can say that I have accumulated the pitfalls. At first, you are seen as a “lovely” woman who wants to embark on the adventure of solidarity. So cute of you! But when things get serious and the activity requires more financial means, the feeling is not the same anymore. I think it would be very pretentious to believe that I managed to overcome these prejudices. I think we women will have to hang on for a long time. Thus, to reassure those around us about our ability to lead ambitious businesses, we need to do twice as much as a man. This is a price to pay which, I hope, will mark the ground a little to those who follow us.

I’ve produced two documentaries on Gender Equality. The first one is a long feature film that takes a global overview on this complex issue worldwide and the second is a twenty minutes documentary that focuses on the workplace. My aim with these films is enlight the subject in a new way, by depolluting it in particular of certain ideologies that have tended to fan the war of sexes. My deepest conviction is that this battle for equality will be won when men will seize it. In my feature film “WOMEN AND MEN”, one of the speakers, an Egyptian activist named Marwa Sharafeldin delivers her definition of feminism: “Make every effort to ensure that women are treated as human beings”. According to this definition, a man worthy of the name can only be a feminist!