“Make life more beautiful”, this is the motto which gives direction to my commitment, in my professional and private life, and as a citizen. I believe there are many ways to find passion in one’s work and my career has shown me that we can make the world a better place by seeking to give employees greater harmony in their work and by encouraging them to open up to each other.
The people who push the company forward are men and women who work together. Their personal success and our collective successes drive my action as a manager every day. I encourage my teams to create together a “Great Place to Win”, a place where everybody has the opportunity to do their best every day, to feel respected, to feel empowered and to develop their careers. This is how we achieve the best results.

I joined L’Oréal in 2012, and after managing Germany for three years, I became director of the Professional Products Division and member of the Executive Committee in April 2016. My career has been determined by my children! In fact they have always been my priority and it is because of them that I have made some drastic choices in my professional life, such as leaving Kraft in 1989 when, at the age of 23, I was the youngest sales manager and the only woman, to join the man who would become my husband, a dentist, in Strasbourg. After that I never left Alsace because it is here that I found harmony for myself and my family.

Elected a member of the regional Council in 2010, I’m still very committed to my region.

In my career, naturally I have run into some hurdles, such as a manager who thought that some jobs were not for women (I wanted to be key account manager); another time I was not able to be promoted because I was not mobile. But my choice to put my family first gave me other experiences and allowed me to develop different skills. The most important thing is that I have never compromised on my values, particularly that of respect, which I believe is essential.

My commitment to diversity in the company is total and this naturally includes gender equality. I spend a lot of time talking to young women to convince them that we can be successful as women, mums and have a career, and that being a woman is an asset. Setting the example seems to me to be the best way to help women push the boundaries that they sometimes set themselves.