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08-11-2017 : Launch Conference of the White Paper “Women, Health and Climate”.

8 November 2017 Marlène SCHIAPPA (Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between Women and Men) with UNICEF U-Reporter Youth (Laura BELLOIS, Lee Ann Michel and Célia CHENIN) and Louisa RENOUX and Isabelle BLIN (President of Supplementd’Elles).

Prior to the delivery of this white paper, two round tables were organized:

“Solution in France and abroad” with Jennifer MERCHANT, Catherine VIDAL and Françoise MORVAN as guests.

“Education: Solutions proposed by the younger generations in France and abroad” with U-Reporter Célia CHENIN, Lee Ann MICHEL and Laura BELLOIS as well as Lea CAMILLERI, Yacine AIT KACI and Floriane VOISIN as guests and led by Eskandar BENAÏCHA.

and the journalist Cyrielle HARIEL presented the iflm of her trip to Africa “Encounter with peasants in the heart of the hills”.

RED for Executive Women was present for the photos for UNICEF and Supplementd’Elles.


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