Why this project?

I admit, until 2015 my activism, my commitment was dormant … Not that it was indifferently to me, quite the opposite! But only because I did not realize the extent of the damage. The trigger was the work done for VoxFemina and the Women in Sight competition. Listening to the laureates I photographed for the communication of this contest, I finally understood how deep the evil was and that we were still far from equality. So this idea of ​​project slowly germinated until becoming “RED for Executive Women”.

It is true, this project is launched at a particular moment, October 2017 marks a beginning of change and evolution of mentalities: Marlène Schiappa launches the Tour de France of equality and # FranceEgalité, an international awareness on violence against women is launched with the #Balancetonporc, #metoo and # moiaussi …
So, opportunism?

No ! As I explain in the genesis of the project, it was born in 2016. In addition, my personal and professional backgrounds have forged an identity in which the Woman and the Man are equal, we can not see them anymore. women as the “weak sex”, sex objects or people at our disposal.
My different meetings allowed me to realize all these injustices and discriminations that women suffer. We can all say that we have been raised with respect for others and for women, unfortunately the necessary revolt against these blatant injustices is very late. How to let so many women suffer unacceptable violence without reacting?

I wanted to concentrate my efforts on the professional sphere which is still subject to many discriminations. How could we have waited all these years to be indignant at the wage difference between men and women? How can we accept that women can not fully access the functions they deserve?

I have always considered the photo as a tool, a powerful weapon which allows to pass messages, to create an awareness … So, I want to participate in this awakening of the consciences and to change mentalities, that tomorrow is different !